08/19/2006 - Greetings from Oklahoma City! It's Saturday afternoon, and my team has all but finished up the AD migration for one of our more complex sites, and at least a day early at that. We had great help from the local IT Staff, who brought in a member of each department to check their own PC's after they were migrated to AD. Tonight, we're probably going to find something other than steak for dinner, and very likely many adult beverages. Thursday night we checked out Charlie Newton's, a popular local steak house, and I had one of the best Filet's I've ever had. They don't server Guinness on tap, alas, but they did manage to come up with a bottle, so I give them a pass on that score. After, we headed to Cock of the Walk, a local bar, where I had an expert barman pour me Ireland's finest, complete with shamrock. Brian, who's joined our team for this migration due to its size, and I played several games of pool, where I made a much better showing than I had the week before at his house. He had the home table advantage there, though. last night, we went to Cattlemen's Steakhouse in Stockyard City, also recommended by the friendly front desk manager of our hotel. The Ribeye was pretty good, not the best I've had, but very tasty. Again, no Guinness served, but one occassionally must rough it. Overall, the people of Oklahoma City have been extremely warm and friendly, despite the heat equaling what we left in Phoenix. Tomorrow, we'll likely spend an hour or two on-site wrapping some things up and checking to see if anything needs last minute fixes before the Monday rush. Everything is looking great. Avis upgraded me to a Jeep Liberty, which was really great. I've owned several Jeep vehicles over the years but haven't really driven one in about ten years. I have to say I'm disappointed it rides more like a Jeep than a car. It's very road-noisy, and visibility absolutely sucks, although I have no complaints with its seating or power otherwise.

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