Sedona06/23/2013 - Whew! It's been a long while since I've updated this thing. I've been working on moving this to a WordPress format off and on for a while now, and I simply haven't had enough time (you can see it here). I was also experimenting with dual posting on Facebook, where I've been much more active, but Mr. Zuckerberg keeps fiddling around with the API's. So, we're back here for now, but hopefully later this year the Wordpress page will be fully up and running.
This past week, I've been taking Western Digital's technical support to school. I had a small issue with one of my DX4000 NAS Servers. Long story short, I got my original unit back, and then I got a whole brand new unit the next day.
At least I had a pleasant week the previous wee whil I was on vacation in Sedona.

Mr. Windows01/06/2010 - An open letter to Doug parker, CEO of US Airways:

Iíve been a loyal customer of US Airways for several years, always preferring to fly USAir, and trying to maximize my Dividend Miles accumulation, including by obtaining both the Bank of America Dividend Miles Debit card and the US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard. I am extremely dissatisfied with the customer service I have received from Juniper, and this reflects on you and your airline for choosing them as your credit card partner.

I recently had enough of the foreign call center customer service, the lack of response to my credit increase requests, and most of all, the high fees for so little benefit. I cancelled my MasterCard account. Trouble is, the lack of customer service continues. Shortly before my cancellation, my annual fee was charged to my account. The annual fee pushed me above my credit limit by $6 or so. This triggered the addition of a $39.95 over limit fee. When I called to cancel the account, Juniper rescinded the $79.00 annual fee, but insisted I still owed the over limit fee. And that is where the account sits today. I have paid off the remaining balance on this account except for the over limit fee, and now a $2.00 minimum service charge on top of it. I refuse to pay this.

I expect some satisfaction as a customer not only of Juniper for the last few years, but especially of US Airways. As I said, this lack of customer service reflects on US Airways, not only Juniper Bank. Unless and until I get the satisfaction and consideration I feel I deserve, I will follow through this dispute with the FTC and the Arizona State Attorney Generalís Office. I will additionally use my position within the internet community to publicize this treatment as far and as wide as I possibly can.

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