07/14/2006 - I'm writing from La Mirada, the next stop in the AD Migration Tour. My daughter Marilyn has been visiting me for the last couple of weeks, and I've been taking some time off from work to spend time with her and have fun. We've seen a couple of movies, Superman Returns and The Da Vinci Code, both of which were pretty good. We are both big fans of Dan Brown's books, and have been looking forward to seeing the celluloid version of the religious-themed page turner. On Wednesday I took her to see the Grand Canyon for the first time. We walked around the South Rim for a couple of hours taking in the majesty of the view. Truly amazing. Since I had to work in California this weekend, I brought her with me. Tonight, she's at Disneyland with my friend Andy's daughter Emily, so this trip has been very busy for her, and for her personal taxi driver! We have to fly back to Phoenix tomorrow night so she can catch her plane back to Arkansas Sunday morning. I will be returning to La Mirada for a few more days of work, then back to PHX for a couple of days before jetting off again to Livermore, California for the next site. I'm tooling around in a Chevy HHR, which is a pretty nice ride for an Avis rental, although a bit cramped in the cockpit for my tastes. We're staying in a real nice suite at the Residence Inn, probably the closest to a home away from home as you can get. Highly recommended. My man Donnis Henry at TekSystems really hit it out of the park getting my travel plans for this weekend together for me. After work tonight, Matthew, David C. and me went to Clearman's North Woods Inn for dinner and practically had to be carried out on stretchers we ate so much. It's a must if you're in Southern California.
I took a trip to Carlsbad a few weeks ago after the house closed to pick up the first load of my crap from storage. I finished installing ceiling fans in all the bedrooms and the two great rooms. Now I need to buy some furniture and some wood blinds. I'll have some pics up soon.

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