Just back from the Livermore migration. This was one of our busiest locations, but Aaron, the local IT guy was much more prepared than we were expecting, and so the migration happened pretty much as planned. I got to spend some time exploring Northern California for the first time. Saturday I walked around the Columbus Square area in San Francisco, visiting the base of the Transamerica Pyramid, where my dad used to work, and hiking up the hill to Coit Tower, one of the great landmarks of the city. After quenching my thirst at a nice quiet Irish pub, I walked down to the embarcadero, where I later hooked up with my team mate Matthew, and we drove over to Ghiradelli Square and had dinner at McCormick & Kuleto’s. Sunday afternoon I drove through downtown Livermore, which I was impressed enough with to want to go back and spend a few days exploring at soe point in the future. Today I availed myself of the opportunity to drop by the San Jose office of my other part-time employer and meet with my counterpart and tour their facility. I now have a few weeks to relax and prepare for my next back-to-back roadtrip to
Oklahoma City and Houston.